Don’t forget the personal touches

I recently engaged an attorney at a large law firm to help me out with some legal documents. The attorney performed fine, as far as handling my business issue.

But he made a mistake that many professionals make: He didn’t focus on building rapport or any kind of relationship with me. For instance:

– He rarely smiled or even made eye contact with me.

– He never took any interest in my business, personal life, life in the community, how I heard about him, or anything else.

– He didn’t follow up with a letter to thank me for my business or to invite me to contact him at any time for further work.

– He didn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor, or get much joy out of his work.

– I haven’t heard from him since his final invoice.

In general, the entire experience was formal, sterile, and generic. I left feeling that I could have hired anybody, anywhere — including a web-based low-cost service — and got the same results, probably for less money.

Plus, he failed to earn my loyalty for future work.

Please — don’t forget the personal touches when you work with your clients. Understand their personal and business goals, and help them achieve them. Stay in touch beyond the final invoice. Look for articles and information that your client could value, and send it to them with a handwritten note. Thank every client for their business. Follow up once in a while and see how each client is doing, even if they haven’t engaged you for some time. Smile. Be human!

If you market your professional services, YOU are a big part of the product. Don’t forget the personal touches.


3 Responses to “Don’t forget the personal touches”

  1. Rajan Sodhi Says:

    So true. In an increasing low-touch society, being “high touch” with your customers is an opportunity not only to distinguish yourself, but to develop loyalty, referrals and word-of-mouth. Not doing so can only be seen as arrogant.

  2. brianfox Says:

    It’s ironic, a lot of business’ think that the customer is doing a favour for them (I am not talking about the big wigs, but the small medium and small fry’s) when it should be the other ay around. If a person you do business with is not polite, you almost feel cheated.

  3. Paul - the Perth Computer Repair guy Says:

    Excellent post – inspirational even, I think the idea of sending out a thankyou note could be a great way to build positive word of mouth – a simple idea bit of effort, but probably worth it! thanks for the post!

    I tend to chat to my clients naturally about their lives, its great to build a repour with them – the key is to balance it and do it within a professional manner – you dont want to “let it all hang out” … or do you?

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