Are you visible or invisible to your target prospects?

Too many professionals sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Is it pride? Self-righteousness? Cockiness? Fear of business development? A desire to avoid the awkwardness that can come with traditional approaches to marketing and sales?

The uncomfortable but true fact is that the most qualified professionals are not always the most successful. A mediocre (but competent) professional who knows how to develop business will be hired more often than a brilliant professional who sits back and waits for the phone to ring.

To work with the most interesting and desirable clients and achieve your financial goals, you have to make business development a top priority.

Part of doing this means getting visible. Take the following assessment to determine if you are visible enough:

1. You reach out at least every 3 months to a network of at least 200 other professionals.

2. You have frequent conversations with current clients about people who might refer business your way.

3. You speak at events where your target market congregates.

4. You write articles in publications (online and offline) that your target market reads.

5. People you don’t know call you because others have told them about you or because they love the contents on your website.

6. Prospects associate you as the”thought leader” on a particular issue, problem, or solution.

7. You are active in your community in ways that put you in touch with opinion leaders in your target market.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Are you visible enough?


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