Do you have a plan to succeed in 2007 or not?

In this blog entry, I am about to tell you something you already know. That’s the strange thing about working with highly educated and sophisticated professionals: They almost always know the answer intellectually, and yet don’t always take action based on what they know in order to get better results. In other words, some professionals prefer being smart to being successful.

As 2007 approaches, you are either ready to achieve your financial goals or you are not.

You are ready if you agree with these statements:

– You know what financial results you want to achieve by the end of 2007.

– You have identified any gaps between where you are at the end of 2006 and where you want to be at the end of 2007.

– You have a specific plan in place to achieve your goals in 2007, or to fill that gap between desired 2007 and actual 2006 results.

– You are putting into place more effective and authentic ways of developing business.

– You can clearly articulate to prospects: the problems they face, how you solve them, the benefits and value of your solution, why you are unique/better, and proof that your claims are true.

– Clients come to you. You don’t have to chase them.

– You make business development a priority, dedicating a set amount of time every day or week to attract new clients and opportunities — whether your pipeline is strong or not.

– Developing business feels natural and easy for you, because you do business development strategies that befit your status as an impeccable professional and advisor.

How did you do on this assessment? Do you really have a plan to succeed in 2007 — one that includes an actual action plan? Do you have an opportunity to improve results? Could you benefit by learning more natural and effective ways to attract clients?

And most importantly: Are you poised to actually take action (vs. absorbing information and strategies intellectually without doing anything to get better results)?

If you see an opportunity to improve or if you would like some support to attract more new clients rapidly and effectively, contact me anytime and learn more about the Trust-Based Marketing System. Make 2007 your best year ever!


2 Responses to “Do you have a plan to succeed in 2007 or not?”

  1. zaletabakman Says:

    I like some of what you have to say.
    The idea of doing an assessment is excellent.

    I would suggest telling your readers about Gitomer or Napolean Hill as well.
    Don’t forget LinkedIn.


  2. kabababrubarta Says:

    Good site! kabababrubarta

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