What does how you buy say about how you sell?

Different people buy in different ways.

Some are highly analytical, ask hundreds of questions, compare and contrast alternatives, and take a long time to make a decision.

Others are more focused on the bottom line price, and nickel and dime a salesperson to death before buying.

Still other people go with their gut feel. They make quick decisions and don’t need to pay the lowest price, so long as they get a good vibe.

And some just like to “kick the tires” and aren’t ever serious about buying anything.

How do you behave when you make small, medium, and large purchases?

Your answer might say a lot about how you sell.

If you are highly analytical and always look for the absolute rock bottom price, you might be inclined to provide lots of information to your prospects and expect a slow, long, tedious sales process. However, this approach could turn off the prospect who makes decisions based on getting to know you, or on gut feel.

If you are the perpetual tire kicker,  you might assume that most prospects are not serious about buying, and give up on them too soon.

If you make quick decisions, you might get frustrated by more analytic buyers, and lose those sales to lack of follow through and details.

Most importantly, if you nickel and dime people, you might assume that you can never get top dollar for your services. This assumption is not true, and it will hold you back financially.

So, how do you buy?


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