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Research on direct marketing and follow up

May 18, 2007

I’ve done some research on direct marketing for professionals trying to reach a business audience. Here are some interesting findings:

1.  A well crafted letter to a focused list, sent one time, can generate on average no more than .5% response. The letter needs to be short and show immediate value, including a reason for the prospect to call.

2. Combine the letter and a follow up phone call, and you can increase response 3-fold, to 1.5%.

3. Combine the above with a personal visit and the response increases still more.

4. Repeat the above at least 3 times, with a focused list of 100 prospects, and response goes up as high as 5-10% for many professionals. If a prospect is a clear “no,” replace them with a new one. If a prospect becomes a client, replace with a new prospect, so that the list stays at 100 or so at a time.

In my program, I provide examples of letters that get results.