How to become an expert — quickly

One of the keys to marketing yourself as an executive coach is to be a perceived expert. There are a number of ways to do this: speaking, writing, getting quoted in relevant media, blogging, building up a list of qualified prospects and sending them your newsletter, articles on your website, books, and all sorts of information products.

Now, let’s say you wanted to be perceived as an expert within 2 months. Here is a plan:

1. Sign up for the software program ArticleSubmitter Pro. This nifty program lets you submit articles to up to 1,000 article sites. That way, you get a number of back links to your website as well as terrific recognition. The process takes a bit of work to set up the first time, and it takes time to submit articles once you are registered — but they help speed things up considerably.

2. Pick a couple of major corporations in your target market. Speak for free there on a topic of interest to their senior or middle management. Pass out an evaluation form at the end, and on it ask people what they found most valuable about your presentation. Now you have some marquee names on your speaking list, and testimonials from employees at leading organizations.

3. Record your speech from #2 and offer it on your website, noting that it was delivered at the marquee company.

4. Get yourself listed on PR Leads, a leading site that journalists go to find experts.

5. Build your network on LinkedIn.

6. Join a major association in your target market and start getting active in leadership roles there.


One Response to “How to become an expert — quickly”

  1. Irene Becker Says:

    Hi Andrew: Great posting. I am wowed by your body of work. Kudos. I hope to connect perhaps through this email or Linked In as I would like to speak to you about the breakthrough work I am doing with clients helping them maximize strengths while also transforming stressors, changes, challenges into what I call the NEW currency of success (the soft skills that produce hard results) ie. higher EQ, enhance life, communciation, whole brain thinking and leadership strengths.

    Yours in service, Irene

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